Thursday, December 15, 2011

Four Tips for Same Sex Couples in New York

The New York Divorce Report has come out with a good starting list of tips for same sex couples planning on getting married in New York, or those already legally married in New York :
Four Tips To Protect Same-Sex Married Couples in New York : New York Divorce Report : Daniel E. Clement: New Jersey & NY Lawyer & Attorney for Family Law & Pre-Nuptials
These tips include the following : 
1. Sign a Pre-Nuptial Agreement
- It the parties are already married, the parties could consider entering into a post-nuptial agreement.
2. Prepare a healthcare proxy for each family member.
A health care proxy enables a designee to obtain medical information to make medical decision on behalf of his/her loved ones.
3. The non-biological parent should adopt the children of the marriage
Should the non-biological parent (or in the case of adoptive children, the non-adoptive parent) be not deemed the “legal” parent of a child, the party could be denied parenting time, custody or visitation, with children of the relationship.
4. Develop an estate plan; draft a will.
As more and more same sex couples become legally married in New York, these tips will become much more vital for each couple to consider.

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